BBD helps with rebrand of Brill Art on the Hill

At the end of 2016, BBD finished a very rewarding branding project for a school in Brill, a quaint British countryside village in Buckinghamshire.

Brill’s school has been hosting an annual fundraising event called “Art on the Hill” for over 20 years, which attracts people of all ages to enjoy art in its many forms. It’s mainly a pop-up art gallery displaying art from both local children as well as from local artists, in which well-established and newcomer artists can exhibit and sell their art at affordable prices and visitors can participate in plenty of artist led workshops. For locals, this event is an annual community highlight.


Helping Brill to shine

Brill Art on the Hill is an important fundraiser for a village primary school in rural Buckinghamshire. The funds raised are vital for the school and last year’s event paid for a new school library and this year funds will be used to update the school’s technology provision including the ICT suite. As part of that, they will provide the necessary kit to support an exciting ‘digital art’ module in the Art curriculum in Years 5 and 6.

Marketing-wise, the event utilises a wide range of communication channels, such as a website, social media, email, flyers, roadside boards, event catalogue and press.

BeFunky Collage2

Refreshing the image

The brief for this work was to give it a fresh new image, redefining the visual branding elements such as logo, colour palette, font and style. BBD was in charge to give AOTH a brand new logo as well as a style guideline to ensure all future materials are consistent and coherent.

The main challenge was that the previously existing materials were rather unprofessional-looking, inconsistent and needed a more branded and sophisticated look, without losing the fun and playful element. The style needed to be pretty, modern, vibrant, friendly and fun. The logo also had to be defined in a range of colours that would reproduce well with different backgrounds.


Changing the parameters

The idea was to reinvent the brand image as something stronger and more professional, not just a school event.

Even though it’s a mixed age event, the branding element’s primary focus was to communicate the AOTH personality effectively and creatively to an audience mainly composed of adults and artists from the surrounding area.

The power of brainstorming

Led by Account Executive Marina Moya, BBD ran a brainstorming session with the client to identify what styles embody AOTH’s personality best. After a few weeks of proposals, tweaks and amendments, we delivered a final logo that satisfied the client’s wishes.


Luke Bampton, BBD creative designer in charge of shaping the visual assets for this project, said: “It was really refreshing to work with a client who was willing to give over complete creative control to us guys in the studio”.

Why branding matters

The team enjoyed the positive feedback, trust and flexibility from the client, as well as the act of taking on a beautiful and creative task. But the key takeaway from this project was that effort and ambition do well even when it’s a local product. Branding is important to establish your product or service, no matter where you are or how big the audience is you are speaking to.

We will surely be thrilled to see our logo and brand guidelines reflected on AOTH’s website once it’s updated in the new year, as well as how the audience’s reception will be to this new image.


According to client Tamara Bates “As a mother of two children at the school and a new Art on the Hill committee member, I asked Bright Blue Day if they could help us reenergise the branding for the event and create a style guide that would enable communications consistency across multiple channels. The BBD team as always were a joy to work with and professional on all levels. BBD asked all the right questions and after our initial brainstorm BBD presented some concepts from which we selected the new brand. We now have a fabulous new brand and style guide that captures the essence of Brill Art on the Hill.”

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