Everyone’s talking about data. Big data, data insight, data regulation, data privacy. If you’re one of the world’s leading providers of data and information management solutions, you want to be part of that conversation. In fact you want to be leading that conversation. You want to be the voice of authority in that conversation.

This was our challenge. Following the operational split from Symantec, the newly formed Veritas needed to re-establish their position and relevance in a market very much in the tech sector spotlight.

Bright Blue Day formed a key part of the Strike campaign team. Strike was developed to anchor the re-launch around a hero campaign designed to raise brand awareness and put Veritas front of mind with CDOs (Chief Data Officers) across Europe.

We began by redeveloping a strategic proposition, brought to life through a creative concept “See What Others Don’t”. This provided both a core campaign message and defined the visual identity for the global campaign framework.

Veritas Databerg

“See what others don’t” was taken to market with a three-pronged approach – A commissioned piece of research engaging CDOs around their information management challenges. A customer-facing online content hub hosting news and campaign content. And a roadshow of Veritas-hosted events across Europe.

The results of the research were distilled into a compelling insights piece which became known as The Databerg Report, exploring the issues of ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial) data. The BBD design team leveraged the Databerg execution to visually bring each data point to life.

The content from the report was atomised making it easy to distribute to the target audience across a variety of digital and offline channels such as email, online display, event collateral and paid and organic social media activation.


For internal teams BBD coordinated a central access point for Veritas regional campaign managers to download campaign content, in their local language, as and when required for their own customised activity.

Externally, the IM Resource Centre provided customers with a simple to use, visually engaging content hub to access all the latest news and resources in their own language. For the regional teams this meant a single upload source and an opportunity to capture customer data through gating the resources they wanted to make available to their own markets.

The final result gave Veritas the conversation they needed to be heard again. And Strike provided the perfect platform for subsequent topical campaigns.

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