FlexCare Awareness Campaign

FlexCare Awareness Campaign

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) needed to raise awareness of (and ultimately support the upsell of) HPE FlexCare Support Services to their existing software install base.


Reaching to the converted

This meant appealing to a customer base who already owned and deployed multiple HPE Solutions, but were not necessarily aware of what their current level of support could buy. In addition, it would mean overcoming potential resistance among IT and Procurement decision makers who might already have had negative experiences with insufficient support, or who felt that they had already spent a lot of money on software and resented the invitation to pay more.

HPE asked Bright Blue Day to craft a campaign that would appeal to senior procurement managers, convincing them of the benefits of increased flexibility and dedicated, tailored support offered by HPE FlexCare.

Taking a Positive Approach

Bright Blue Day delivered a campaign around the theme of ‘The Support You Need to Get it Right Every Time’, which used bold but positive messaging to draw attention to the possible mismatch between value & complexity of the customer’s software portfolio in relation to their existing support.

Positioning FlexCare as an opportunity as opposed to a previous oversight was key, as was focusing on the future savings and benefits such as improved ROI and reduced support headaches. In short, why simply maintain software support when you can use it to innovate?

Using the Right Assets

The campaign was rolled out across a variety of assets, which collectively emphasised the need to adapt software in a time of digital business transformation, with hybrid IT environments and the implied requirement to drive greater ROI with diminishing resources.

BBD’s creative approach favoured simplicity with a human touch to reflect the ease-of-use that FlexCare provides along with the named support personnel at hand. Assets included the following:

Interactive PDF

Based on an IDC report, the interactive PDF set out the challenges facing IT managers, the solutions provided by FlexCare, a breakdown of the key support figures, and a walkthrough of the credit-purchasing process.

FlexCare intro video

A concise, clear video to outline the key FlexCare benefits, hitting on the typical pain-points for IT managers.

Credits & Portal videos

Simple, clear walkthrough videos that explained the steps needed to access FlexCare and purchase credit, bearing in mind that IT procurement managers could be spread across the world and use a variety of languages.

3-4 Role videos

Short introductory videos to present the four key managers who provide the first point of contact in FlexCare support, with a mission to engage and humanize.


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