UBS approached us to create a standout identity and invitation for a once in a lifetime experience at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Communications had to engage a hand-picked group of football-mad Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients. Our work consisted of a ‘save the date’ and an invitation.

Our inspiration lay in the dynamics of the game, capturing the trajectories of the ball in play to create a visually striking, kinetic world of flow and movement filled with vibrancy, colour and energy.

The ‘Save the Date’ piece was hand-delivered at the beginning of March 2014. This subtly introduced the recipient to the identity and the trajectories using a sophisticated palette of black and metallic gold. Colour was injected using thick blue, green and yellow card sandwiched between black to give the invitation a substantial feel. The piece was finished-off with a high-quality black and gold custom outer sealed with gold thread.

A full invitation followed In April 2014.

The invitation – oversized and hand-finished was predominantly black with a splash of signature colour in the right hand corner to draw-in the lucky recipient.

When opened the trajectories in vibrant yellow, green and blue spread out across the buckram-lined piece. Inside a hand-signed invitation duplexed using coloured card to a depth of 5mm nestled in the centre.

A hand-cut pocket to the left contained vibrant, lustrous inserts giving important information to the recipient.