Visa Bulgaria gets ready for winter launching latest online promotion

Visa’s European markets have been in close collaboration with Bright Blue Day for several years now and Visa Bulgaria, one of our fastest growing markets, is investing more and more in online promotions to engage with consumers, analyse their behaviour and increase brand conversation.

With a content-rich website and numerous ongoing partnerships with local retailers, Visa BG is always trying to find new and innovative ways to captivate consumers and raise awareness.

According to Krassimira Raycheva, Country Lead of Visa Europe in Bulgaria: “The electronic payments market in Bulgaria has been marked by a steady growth over the last few years. The basic trends, which Visa is observing in Bulgaria, showcase that Bulgarian citizens are becoming more and more prone to using their bank cards both for big shopping activities and small everyday purchases.”


The rise of contactless

The contactless payments technology has been a major contributor for mentioned consumers’ behaviour tendency, as well as Bulgaria’s openness to innovation, “…which makes the penetration of Visa payment solutions easier and flawless,” commented Raycheva.

Given the incremental amount of Visa consumers and their increasing card usage, the Bulgarian market finds these online promotions extremely valuable to activate and reward this behaviour – making sure Visa is always “front of mind (and wallets)”.

This active promotion is aimed at national level consumers, inciting them to participate to win topical prizes which increase desire and conversation (smart watches; skiing trips) and the main goal is to increase Visa card usage and familiarity with everyday Visa payments.

Building on the success of Rio

In order to participate in the prize draw, consumers have to fill an entry form with their details and register Visa card transactions – the more entries, the more chances to win. These mechanics were replicated from an earlier promotion in spring ’16 – partnered with Rio Olympic Games – because of its enormous success nationwide. Our previous campaign resulted in 42,172 total unique entries, which means a spectacular achievement for such a new activity. So far, we can only say that our current promo is reaching a similar level of participations – if not more!

BBD face an ongoing challenge of understanding and supporting each Visa European market that we work with – we need to be aware of the trends and consumer behaviours, to each market’s history with Visa, in order to tailor an appropriate response for each market’s current situation.

Marina Moya, Account Executive, says: “We as a team are immensely proud to work collaboratively with an array of global agencies. We leverage our Pan-European promotional platform for Visa, which gives us the tools to run these campaigns and ultimately, change consumer behaviour – contributing to an impact on consumer payment habits at international level.”

See the promo here.

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