Cross-border summer campaign

Research by SEE Visa Marcomms teams revealed that the majority of incoming tourists to Croatia were travelling with cash, and that consumers were making an active decision to prepare their ‘holiday money’ in advance by exchanging currency at home rather than using their Visa card at their destination.

Visa wanted to promote POS payments and ATM withdrawals in Croatia, encouraging tourists that by using their Visa cards on their summer holidays, they would enjoy all the comfort and security they experience when using their Visa cards at home, without any of the risks involved in carrying cash.


Delivering a pan-EU digital platform

Visa Europe worked with Bright Blue Day to create a unique cross-regional digital platform, supported by a carefully crafted media buy strategy.

The summer campaign targeted audiences from selected countries of origin, those arriving from top corridors such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and the Nordics.

The basis of the campaign depended on Visa Croatian teams developing strategic partnerships with more than 100 restaurants on the Adriatic Coast, and with INA, the largest gas station chain in Croatia.

BBD developed an offers platform that could act as an awareness hub and a place of activation for cross-European regions. Users from multiple destinations, using multiple languages, could view all the Croatian offers and discounts, search key tourist locations, and find travel-related information and tips from Visa.

Madalin Nitis, Marketing Communications Manager for Visa Croatia, hailed the platform’s strong points as being, “easy to customise, trans create and to adapt to each regional website, thus ensuring a fast implementation and efficiency in approach.”

Outstanding results

During the campaign, more than one million unique users accessed the digital offers across seven different regions. The campaign also saw an 11% growth in the ATM withdrawals value, and 18% growth in POS transaction value in Croatia generated by tourists.


Berna Ulman, SEE General Manager, commented on the campaign: “Heartfelt congratulations to the Marcomms team and agencies for going beyond traditional domains and joining forces to improve value and relevancy.”

Jessica Williams, client partner for Visa Europe at Bright Blue Day, said, “The platform really utilised the potential of the content management system in place – giving Visa users the global web experience they expect – on their device, in their language and with user relevance. The campaign really came to life because of the inter-working between regional leaders, agencies and partners – an excellent example of cross regional collaboration and its potential.”