Visa Europe

Displacing Cash

A superbrand

Handling over 2,000 purchases per second, Visa is one of the world’s ‘superbrands’. Chances are it’s in your wallet, purse or phone right now. But for most, practically invisible. Most of us don’t appreciate that Visa is critical to making fintech innovations like contactless and mobile apps work. With new entrants jostling for attention, there is a need to tell Visa’s story in a fresh way. To demonstrate and celebrate Visa’s relevance in today’s payment landscape.  To take a leading role in helping people understand and adopt new ways to pay easily and safely.

Disrupting cash

Socially-activated campaigns, promotions and content designed to get people using Visa over cash – whether for small contactless purchases in store, on their phone or travelling abroad. Some were simply designed to raise awareness of new payment tech and Visa’s role in it. Others encouraged trial and rewarding interaction. All about how Visa makes life easier.

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