Respect the Water

Knowledge saves lives

Whilst the RNLI saved 558 lives at sea last year, it’s so much more than a rescue service. For the army of over 17,000 volunteers, saving lives is as much to do with education and prevention as daring acts of bravery. Britain’s 19,000 miles of coastline and inland waterways are used by millions, from anglers, to divers, to dog walkers and swimmers. The RNLI want to make sure that each and every one has the information and skills needed to enjoy it safely.

Respect the Water

We activated the RNLI’s national Respect the Water initiative with a series of campaigns targeting specific user groups. Each brings to life the lesser-known (or forgotten) facts and behaviours that could help prevent a disaster – big or small. Delivered though live, social and press, they combine to make sure we can all enjoy the water responsibly.

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