Putting warmth at the heart of the home

More than a metal box

Arada is a market-leading producer of high-end wood burning stoves. Born out of British manufacturing stock, they were finding it hard to shake off the ‘utilitarian’ image of the sector and get the cut-through needed to compete on the international stage. We needed a compelling new way to take their traditional story to a new generation of home owners.

Putting warmth at the heart of the home

A unified brand platform positioning Arada as an essential part of a modern, contemporary lifestyle. The creative evoked the ‘synesthesia’ of a real-fire experience. Going beyond just heat, to the sights, sounds, smells and rituals that go along with owning an Arada stove. ‘Putting warmth at the heart of your home’ was activated through press, social and point of sale, and delivered through a new commerce-enabled web platform.

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